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Welcome to Coombe Hill Junior School’s website.

As you look through our website, peruse our Twitter feed (on the right),  and look through our newsletters, I hope you will get a real sense of our values.  Our oustanding learner dispositions that we ask our children to adopt are as follows:

  • I am a good talk partner
  • I am polite, kind and encourage others
  • I keep trying when things get tough and have a Growth Mindset
  • I learn new skills and use them in different lessons
  • I work well with others and know how to be a good friend
  • I reflect on my learning and take the next steps to improve
  • I read widely and with enthusiasm
  • I am curious, inquisitive and ask good questions
  • I listen carefully to others and value their opinions
  • I am creative and use my imagination
  • I make healthy choices

Creative  Encouraging and Aspiring

They are values that apply to us as teachers and school leaders as much as to our pupils.  We want our pupils to develop their creativity through their writing, through their performances and through their ability to think.  Similarly, we expect the same of ourselves – that we are creative practitioners and engage our pupils through interesting and exciting lessons and experiences  from Strictly Coombe Dancing to our school story.

We constantly aim to deliver a positive and encouraging atmosphere within school , which means that we use plenty of rewards and take as many opportunities as possible to recognise our pupils’ successes - from classroom rewards to our Learner of the Week badges and our prestigious Endeavour Medal.  At the same time, we expect our children to work collaboratively, to encourage each other and to celebrate each others’ successes.  We are a team at Coombe Hill and that is a source of great pride.

Of course, we never lose sight of our core purpose – we want our children to leave the school proud of their achievements- be they academic, artistic or sporting and we want them to have high hopes for their futures.   Similarly, we have the same expectations for ourselves – our teachers aim to make their lessons the best they can be and we all aspire to make Coombe Hill Junior School as good a school as we possibly can.  

Feel free to contact us, or visit us and look around if you would like to know more. We would love to see you.


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