ALERWelcome to our website.  Here you can find essential information and experience what we feel makes our school both an enjoyable place and one of high all-round achievement.  You can download our full prospectus at the base of this page.

We have a wonderful team of teachers who all work hard to provide a curriculum with an emphasis on high quality, meaningful, engaging, active classroom work that helps pupils enjoy their learning and be successful.  Trips, visiting speakers and activities are encouraged as we believe they give pupils an exceptional school experience.  Our aim is to make school years memorable and enjoyable by creating a safe, supportive environment that helps to build confidence and self-esteem. 

We have a comprehensive school library, extensive ICT equipment, an on-site swimming pool and lovely playing fields.  We have links with Coombe Hill Infant school and a strong P.T.A. who provide lots of fantastic events for the children to enjoy and raise funds for further additions to the school.  The school runs a number of activity clubs during the school term and there is also an externally run after-school club to provide care if needed. 

The school aims to encourage the children to become independent, to take responsibility, and to achieve their best.  We are always very proud of our children and it is a delight to see the progress they make with us and to feel that we have prepared them for their future.  You can view performance tables for all Kingston schools on the Department for Education's website .

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